ive made a little vow to spend some time working on this site as i am a bit more free of deadlines for a while.. here are the two new paintings for the modbocomonochrome show!!

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Our +1 Monochromatic Show opened on Friday, September 9th and runs through Friday, October 7th.

In the Modbo, see MODBOCOMONOCHROME– monochromatic works by members of The Modbo Collective– Lorelei Beckstrom, Trevor Thomas, Troy DeRose, Brett Andrus, Phil Lear, Jess Preble, and Nina Peterson.

In S.P.Q.R., you will find +1– monochromatic works by 29 community artists such as Sean O’Meallie, Phil Vallejo, up-and-coming artists Dave Tweedy, Monique Viger, and more, who were selected through a jurying process with jurors Rodney Wood, Lorelei Beckstrom, and Brett Andrus.

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